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Importance of Counting Calories When Training at a Bootcamp

When you engage in fitness training at Dangerously Fit boot camp in Centennial Park you can assure yourself that you are following the right track for your fitness goals. However there are plenty of loopholes which might sabotage your fitness plans especially if your long term goals involve weight loss. Calorie counting is extremely important if you want your training to go well. Here are the top reasons which will tell you why you should watch what you eat.

Workout supplements

Trainers working in boot camp Centennial Park say that most participants who join the boot camps are asked to be extremely conscious about their diet. The workouts will only help you lose weight if the amount of calories burnt is more than the amount of calories ingested.

Calorie counting helps because you have to be constantly aware about what you can or can’t eat. Fitness boot camps in Centennial Park rely on cardio vascular workouts and interval training for the maximum period of time. The workouts will deliver the full benefits when supplemented with high protein, low carbohydrate and low fat diet.

Watch the fat content

When you want to lose weight you must be extremely careful about controlling your fat content. Centennial Park boot camp trainers say that fat is very difficult to burn because the body treats it as a reserve store for energy to be utilised only in emergency situations. So that bar of chocolate or the mayo loaded burger you consume is going to sit on your waist till eternity. You should only have little quantities of healthy fats like avocadoes, almonds, ground nuts and olive oil as these types of fats raise the level of good cholesterol.

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