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How to Attain a 40 Inch Vertical with The Jump Manual

This might sound farfetched but it’s actually possible to achieve a 35-40 inch vertical in just a few months using the jump manual – a vertical leap training program for professional graders.

jump manual

If you haven’t heard about it yet, this program is currently the most popular program today. Just hit a quick search on youtube and you’ll see tons of reviews on the jump manual, here’s a really good one on Basketball Workout Tips which was really helpful for me to decide if I want this program.

Before you drop on me and say that there’s no such thing as increasing your vertical leap overnight I’ll just say it’s not what I meant to say. But from my experience with the jump if you take the training seriously and truly commit yourself to it, you could gain 3-4 inches monthly.

Now let’s say that currently you already have a 15-20 inch vertical, just very reasonable and a normal vertical to have. If you took the jump manual and trained properly then you could reach a 35 inch vertical in just 4 month. And if you’re average height like 5’10?-6’0? then you’ll be able to dunk with this vertical.

So really the whole idea is that the jump manual can get you to dunk in just 4-6 months, no other program can do that so thumbs up for jacob hiller for making this manual so quick to show results.

I don’t know about you guys but when I get to see even small results it just gives me motivation to work even harder, and after seeing testimonials like on Basketball Workout Tips I get pumped even further about the jump manual and can’t stop thinking about dunking.

Believe it or not there’s also a section in the manual just for motivation and the psychology of basketball, this worth’s gold for guys like me who have insecurity problem when they step on court.

If you want to stay updated on my journey to slam dunking like a pro just subscribe for my updates about the jump manual and see the progress.

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