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10 Takeaways From A Top Trainer

Over the weekend, I read this interview over on 46 jumpers where the author interviewed Jacob Hiller, one of the top vertical jumper trainers in the world.

Jacob Hiller

I thought the interview was great and the author provided plenty of insights as to how to increase my own vertical jump. Here are the top 10 takeaways I learned from the interview:

1) Don’t train for high reps when doing your vertical, it doesn’t lead to good results.

2) Train  your squats at specific angles (I never heard of this before).

3) Eat for your sport. Don’t try to lose weight, you need the extra calories to help you jump higher.

4) Get enough sleep.

5) Don’t neglect your upper body as it will help you push more power in the jump.

6) Use plyometrics smartly.

7) Trust your gut when jumping…you can jump higher than you think.

8) Don’t train with someone who hasn’t trained in vertical training

9) Building leg muscles does help you jump higher

10) Be safe!

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